Jan.-Feb. 1990, p. 71.


CANADA'S SMALL QUEEN ERA ‑ POSTAGE USAGE DURING THE SMALL QUEEN ERA, 1870‑1897, by George B. Arfken; 15.5 x 23.6 cms. (6.125" x 9.250"), 459 pages, 238 illustrations black and white plus 8 in colour; hardbound, red buckram, gold stamped. Available from the publisher, The Vincent Craves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation, P.O. Box 100, First Canadian Place, Toronto, Ontario M5X 1B2.


This is a magnificent handbook, the fourth in a continuing series of publications underwritten and published by the Foundation. Mr. Arfken, a former physics professor, of Clearwater, Florida is a noted authority on the many usages of Canada's Small Queen stamps. His great knowledge of this ever popular issue has now been documented for the benefit of philatelists and postal historians. He has been ably assisted editorially by K. Gray Scrimgeour, Toronto, who also wrote Chapter 2 on postal routes in Western Canada,


Many collectors were consulted by Mr. Arfken and have contributed their specialized knowledge and advice in making this handbook the definitive work on the subject.


Profusely illustrated with covers and postal markings, the book also contains many rate tables and statistics. The book is divided into five parts with 17 chapters that thoroughly describe every usage of the Small Queens over the 27 years they were in circulation. The rates and combination of values to every part of the world as well as for every type of domestic use are described, illustrated and explained in a manner that makes it easy for the postal historian to find specific information.


Four appendices list abbreviations and other important reference information such as admission dates of the various countries to the Universal Postal Union. Finally a superb index combines to set this book apart from the many philatelic and postal history publications.


This handbook will be THE reference work for many years to come for philatelists and postal historians studying the rates and usages of the Small Queens. The printing is small so we suggest that you order your copy as soon as possible.