Vincent Graves Greene
Philatelic Research Foundation

Stamp Theft - May 2020


Nine (9) valuable British North American revenue stamps were stolen between May 6-8, 2020 while on their way back to their owner in the United States after being expertised by the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation’s Expert Committee (Greene Foundation).

The theft happened while the material was in the custody of FedEx Corporation somewhere in the South East of the United States. The theft was reported to FedEx and to Hugh Wood (USA), Ltd and case files have been opened. We are also working with the owner of the material.

The stamps (photos below), are all identified by their individual number in The Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue (a.k.a. the Van Dam Catalogue), the leading authority on Canadian and British North America Revenues. They are BCD1, BCT1, FB53a, FSC10, FSC13, FSC19, FWS2, NFB1 and TNR7.

No matter how much care the Greene Foundation takes in returning material, once in the hands of a carrier, return shipments are subject to the forces of transportation which unfortunately sometimes result in unforeseen incidents. That is why the Greene Foundation strongly recommends the use of philatelic insurance. Additionally, the Greene Foundation reviews its best practices regularly to ensure improvements in the delivery of its services.

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