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The Greene Foundation has provided the pre-eminent expertization service for British North America philatelic material since 1976.  During this time it has issued over 21,915 certificates of genuineness and over 4,625 certificates identifying lack of genuineness.  It is a member of the Association of International Philatelic Experts (A.I.E.P.), the international body of experts all over the world.

Items can be submitted to the Foundation by completing a submission form, enclosing the appropriate fee, and mailing the item to the Foundation at the address shown on the submission form.  The fees are shown on the form.  You may download the submission form in PDF format as indicated below.  It will be automatically downloaded to your hard drive where you can open it and print as many copies as you wish

DOWNLOAD the “NEW” Expertization Submission Form in PDF format HERE.

Effective October 15, 2015 the fees for expertization are being increased. The last increase was January 1, 2009.

The table of fees is shown in the new submission form which can be downloaded HERE. Some comments are warranted.

1. The table on the form should be completed once covering all items in the submission ( not for each item ).

2. Packaging and postage is now payable on each complete submission.

3. An extra bracket has been added in the table for the highest valued items

4. The extra charge for covers has been discontinued.

5.While fees have been increased on the lower brackets the threshold between them has also been increased.

6. As in the past values are to be based on Scott or Unitrade catalogues. In Unitrade  on earlier issues apply values for unused or used stamps in Fine condition without adding the extras listed in the catalogue for Never Hinged or Very Fine condition as the case may be.

The Foundation historically has charged fees lower than other expertizing services. This was possible because the breadth of operations of the Foundation was reasonably narrow and there was quite sufficient operating income to subsidize the expertizing function. This no longer the case. The operations of the Foundation have expanded, in particular the library. There is greater use of technology throughout  all operations. The volume of expertizing work has increased significantly. Postage and handling charges are higher. All of this adds management and overhead costs at a time when the past higher rates of investment income are no longer attainable.



PLEASE be sure to use the NEW Submission Forms available for download HERE, and to use the PROPER MAILING ADDRESS when submitting items for expertization!

DO NOT USE the OLD P.O. Box 204, Station Q, Toronto address, as that Box has now been closed. Items sent to that address could be lost!

Use only: P.O. Box 69100, St. Clair Post Office, Toronto, ON  M4T 3A1  (NEW!!!)


Please use a separate form for each item – it will be apparent from the new form that it also serves as the worksheet for Committee members.  Complete the top half of the form, more specifically the boxes entitled Submitter’s Statement, Item Submitted and Opinion Requested.


PLEASE NOTE:    When mailing items for expertization...

Recently there have been a few instances where items coming in from the United States and overseas have been charged GST (Goods & Services Tax) by the Canada Border Services Agency.

We recommend describing material sent as, "Items sent for expertization only, and to be exported back to U.S.A. (Australia, U.K., etc.) No commercial value until expertized."




Effective March 1, 2011, our "False" certificates used for items that are not genuine or are repaired have a different appearance.

The original supply of these certificates, which were pale pink on a security paper, has been exhausted after some 30 years. The new certificates are printed on white paper with a pale pink security background. Also, the Foundation logo has been added.

The photo of the submitted item will be fastened to the certificate and the Foundation seal impressed on it in the same manner as previously.

Effective NOW: Change to Greene Certificates:

We have exhausted our supply of 20,000 original Green Certificates and have begun issuing new ones.

The numbering began at 20,001 and look like the sample below.

We want you to be aware of this fact, so as not to raise suspicions when you see the new ones.


‘Good’ Cert


’False’ Cert

Terms & Conditions

While reasonable care will be taken of any item submitted to the Foundation neither the Foundation nor any director, officer, employee, agent or consultant will be liable for any physical or financial loss or damage suffered (whether as the result of negligence or otherwise) with respect to any item submitted to the Foundation nor as the result of any opinion which may be expressed by the Foundation or any director, officer, employee, agent or consultant as to any items submitted to the Foundation.

Consent is hereby given to the Foundation to consult any person or persons with respect to the item hereby submitted to the Foundation.  In addition consent is hereby given to the Foundation to use commonly accepted methods of treating the item for the purpose of arriving at a conclusion with respect to its condition, watermark or other characteristics.

In making its determination, the Foundation will endeavour to describe any and all flaws not visible in the photograph, such as thins, repairs, stains, removed cancels, etc.

Any person submitting any item to the Foundation is deemed to have accepted these conditions.

The Expert Committee meets every four weeks to review items.  In addition to the members on the committee the Foundation uses a variety of outside experts for assistance in specific specialized areas.  In February of 2012, the Foundation replaced our ageing CrimeScope CS-16 forensic light source machine with a state-of-the-art Foster & Freeman Video Spectral Comparator, the top of the line VSC6000/HS.  This enables the committee to identify items suspected of having cleaned cancellations, altered or enhanced postmarks, counterfeit overprints, repairs and sealed tears, and removed or altered colours by subjecting the material to an extremely wide range of wavelengths of ultraviolet, infrared and filtered visible light. 

The Foster & Freeman VSC6000 Video Spectral Comparator


(Our retired CrimeScope CS-16)


Lessons Learned for Expertizing: The use of security features on high value definitives of Great Britain and Canada (1988-2012) as a VSC 6000 learning tool.

by Garfield Portch, FRPSC and Charles J. G. Verge, FRPSC, FRPSL Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation

31 page PDF Document available for Download HERE


The scope of the expertization service is confined to philatelic material of British North America, meaning Canada and the various provinces that issued stamps.

When referring to our certificates please refer to them as being issued by The Greene Foundation, rather than by V. G. Greene.