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July 16, 2013

The Greene Foundation is pleased to announce that it has issued a certificate of genuineness
to a Canada Two Cent Large Queen stamp on laid paper, Scott #32.

This is only the third known copy of this stamp and the first copy seen since the two existing copies
were expertized in 1935 by the Royal Philatelic Society London.

A complete technical report to support this certificate is available for download


Below is a scan of the actual stamp.


The Greene Foundation has received a wide variety of emails since the announcement of the discovery of Canada’s Two Cent postage stamp on laid paper from the 1868 Large Queen issue.

The questions in the emails range from:

  • What is laid paper?  What is a Large Queen Stamp?
  • How can I find out if I have one in my collection/accumulation  or  I am sure I have a copy somewhere.  Where do I take it to be certain?
  • How can I get rid of my deceased mother’s collection/accumulation and be sure I do not give away a rare stamp?

First, the basic design of the Two Cent Stamp from the 1868 Canada issue known as “Large Queens” is shown here on the website.

Next, “laid paper” means paper that has lines like a watermark, embedded in the paper, similar to a page of fine writing paper which may have such lines purely for aesthetic purposes.  A photo of the back side of the variety of this Two Cent Stamp showing the lines is also here on the website

From this information you can check your own collection/accumulation to see if you have a copy of this basic 1868 Two Cent Canadian Stamp with or without “laid lines”.

You can always take your stamps to the closest member of the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association ( for an instant confirmation of your material.

Regarding disposal of stamps and philatelic materials there are essentially three routes you can take:

  1. You can sell directly to a dealer who is a member of the CSDA.
  2. You can consign your collection to an auction, through a recognized auction house such as Maresch,  Eastern, Sparks,  or Sheffield, or the Oshawa/Whitby Stamp Club
  3. You can donate your material to a charitable organization such as the RPSC Philatelic Research Foundation and receive a charitable receipt for its fair market value.
The Greene Foundation does not buy or sell stamps, nor does the Foundation assess market value of stamps.  If you believe that you have a stamp that needs expert confirmation the Foundation provides an expertization service for a nominal fee, details of which are here on the website.

Download this information HERE.


Effective NOW: Change to Greene Certificates:

We have exhausted our supply of 20,000 original Green Certificates and have begun issuing new ones.

The numbering will begin at 20,001 and will look like the sample below.

We want you to be aware of this fact, so as not to raise suspicions when you start seeing the new ones.


Effective March 1, 2011: Change to Pink Certificates:


January 25, 2012:

IMPORTANT new recommendation when submitting items from outside of Canada.

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Lessons Learned for Expertizing: The use of security features on high value definitives of Great Britain and Canada (1988-2012) as a VSC 6000 learning tool.

by Garfield Portch, FRPSC and Charles J. G. Verge, FRPSC, FRPSL Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation

31 page PDF Document available for Download HERE






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